Add a series of pictures to a feature

You can add one or more pictures to a feature. Below you find an example how to proceed.

Creating two tables

We will need two tables. One table where the features are stored and one with a list of pictures.


  • id (UUID)
  • geometry


  • id
  • apiary_id (UUID)
  • path (TEXT)


Create a relation with:

  • apiary Referenced layer
  • id Referenced field
  • apiary_picture Referencing layer
  • apiary_id Referencing field
  • strength Composition



Set the default value of the field id to uuid(). No need to show it in the form.


Set the relation widget to Many to one relation and add the relation to the form



Set the widget type of the field path to attachment and add it to the form

widget picture


Some mobile devices will require Open Camera to be installed in order to enable geotagging.

To enable geotagging perform the following steps:

  1. In QField, go to the settings and make sure ”Use native Camera“ is activated
  2. Install the Open Camera app on your mobile device
  3. Within the Open Camera settings, make sure geotagging is enabled
  4. Within you mobile device settings, set the default camera app to Open Camera
  5. Completed! Open Camera will now be utilized while taking pictures with QField